Our Mission

We believe if you know your business you can grow your business. Running a business is incredibly difficult with so many fragmented systems & tools we wanted to align every person in your organization with a single point of truth. Make better decisions run a more efficient company & privet process as needed to thrive in changing markets. 

Our Story

As business owners ourselves the founders were frustrated by the complexity and time it took to get critical feedback about simple business processes or metrics.  We wanted to be in control of what was happening in the business as the organization grew. We needed several different tools to keep the business running and growing we looking for a better what to make real-time critical sessions and we knew data was the way. We built a platform that connected all the different tools within an organization and was able to tailor the information that was critical for each person within the org. Now we are happy to bring this powerful tool of clarity and efficacy to any organization that values growth and wants to make data-driven decisions. 

We hope to bring the business community several critical tools to help you and your team run a smoother operation while increasing the productivity and output of each individual. By measuring and improvising the inputs in a business the desired results will come. 

  • X-Ray Dashboard 

    • Connect all fragmented tools & applications​ to create a single point of truth

  • X-Ray Control 

    • Distribute leads & prospects effective to the best team members​ with true transparency 

  • X-Ray Connect

    • A connected platform to run your entire business ​

Product Offerings