3 Things Branch Managers Should Analyze During Holiday Months

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

How to shake off the food coma in your production.

The holiday months aren’t always the same for every mortgage branch. Depending on the temperature of your region when it comes to the housing market and the way your branch is structured from a functionality standpoint, October through December could either be the busiest time of the year or the slowest.

“keeping the team focused on how their actions during the holiday months dictate the volume for the next 3 months after” - Dustin (VP production 186 branches)

Chances are that once parents get out of summer and back-to-school mode the thought of making a move in the real estate world begins to kick in. When you are thinking about how these months will impact your branch it isn’t just about what the market is like for consumers, however, it’s also about your staff.

Inputs that drive outputs

Where are three things every mortgage branch manager should evaluate during the holiday months to make sure their branch is operating properly and successfully as they begin to close out the year and think about next year.


If you provide employee reviews and offer bonuses, this is the time of the year that employees will begin to think about these things. Take a day or two to go over how everyone on your team is performing. Spend some time on each person, evaluating their job title, some of their accomplishments that year, some things they can work on and incorporate these notes into their review. Remember, most of your employees welcome feedback so they can understand what they are doing well and what areas they can improve.

Sales Goals

Analyze your monthly production for the year and consider the feedback you have received from your operations and sales teams during your pipeline meetings throughout the year. Have you been hitting your sales goals on a monthly basis? Did you set a sales goal for the year? If you extrapolate your monthly revenue, are you on pace to hit that goal by Dec. 31? Asking yourself these questions while factoring in what you have learned about your branch so far this year will help you to strategize what areas need to change and put together forecasts for the future.


How are your loans being tracked and followed through on? If you are utilizing a customer relationship management software & loan origination system make sure those systems are functioning properly so that your team isn’t getting bogged down by functionality problems. Determine whether you can check the status of loans quickly enough so that the information isn’t outdated by the time you get an accurate report on loans. With the holidays approaching, it may be time to consider treating yourself to some new mortgage intelligence software that can make this easier on you, your staff and increase profitability at the same time. IF you would like a consultation to see if you can improve your loan production management schedule a demo from our main site. We can see if X-Ray is a good fit for your business to help you grow.

Remember, as the branch manager you are a leader and someone who the rest of your staff looks to for leadership. That leadership comes in many forms – from administrative duties, to human resources, to sales management. The three items listed above are things that branch managers should keep an eye on all year, but the mindset of many changes around the holidays. Depending on how busy you and your employees are at this time of the year, try to stay focused on your operations, sales goals and reporting to set yourself up for a smooth holiday season.

With proper planning and measuring the factors that drive production you can have amazing sale volume and not eat up all your time so you can enjoy the RR needed to keep the rocket ship flying.

We hope you have happy holidays!

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