6 critical factors to look for when evaluating a business intelligence platform

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

At X-RayConnect we work with a variety of mortgage professionals – from mortgage branches of 10 or more loan officers all the way up to corporate offices with hundreds of LOs. What they all wanted, regardless of size, is to deploy real-time reporting across their organization in a way that is simple and easy to adopt.

We worked hard to address those needs among several others that mortgage professionals face in the markets of today & tomorrow.

The goal of any solution, and business intelligence in general, is to deliver critical information about your production so you can make more proactive decisions for the organization across all roles or departments.

The last thing you want when implementing a new tool is another platform you have to manage. We believe simplicity can be powerful. By reducing the learning curve of X-Ray means it is easier for your organization to adopt into your daily operations to get the data you need sooner.

We are focused on one thing: transforming massive amounts of data warehouse in a variety of different systems into easy-to-understand, easily accessible, powerful analytics & reports that drive top-level decisions across the organization.

Here are six reasons why X-Ray Connect is the best choice for your business intelligence needs.

1. Simplified User Experience

X-Ray includes a single dashboard with the key metrics needed for each role. There are six dynamic tiles and four layers of data that display custom KPI’s to the user or department.

2. Flexible Customizations

Ensuring the metrics match your workflows & tolerances we get some of the highest adoption rates. Users can filter, or sort the metrics as needed. The Custom Report Builder gives users the ability to explore data, create & save their own reports giving them quicker access to real-time or historical data.

3. Extremely Easy to Use

Designed to the industry workflows & best practices in a few minutes users are able to navigate & understand their departments keep performance indicators with little to no training. Never feel lost with easy-to-follow guide videos or our award-winning customer support.

4. Accelerated On-boarding

The cycle time for a typical implementation is approximately two weeks, not months like other business intelligence solutions. The quicker you gain access to the gaps in the process the quicker you can implement the needed improvements.

5. Lower Overall Costs

Flexible, pricing plans that scale to fit any size business. We design a tailored plan for your business needs and budget.

6. Quicker Time to Value

All these factors combine for an immediate return on your investment.

As production increases & the business becomes more efficient the organization is empowered to consistently discover all the insights needed to increase volume.

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