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Advanced-Data Analytics

When prefromance matters X-Ray Connect is the tool mortgage leaders turn to. Bridging the gaps & connects all data within your orginaztions applications. X-Ray creates interactive dashboard for every user to manage their role from. Making ever facet of the business more productive. What gets tracked gets done. It is like having Fitbit on every team member or departnement withing an orginization. 

Changing markets brings challenges some companies are not ready for.

Gaps in a marketing, lead conversion, CRM, & LOS are amplified in a complex transaction. Geting these gaps closed is a critical piece to achieve consistent production volume.

X-Ray Connect makes these challenges easy to solve in real-time.

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Empowering an organization with trackable metrics for individuals, teams, & organizations with bank level security from any device or location.


Real-time analytics across all datasets & departments. Teams or individuals can focus on highest ROI tasks & have a better understanding of the organization's key performance Indicators (KPIs). 


Custom Report Builder generates analysis & reports tailored to each role or pipeline. 

Set challenges,  goals & rank results with dynamic stack ranking or scoreboards.

Lead Management 

Conversion rates are increased by having better oversight on ever stage of the production pipeline. 

Individuals can visualize their workflows, objectives & key results (OKRs)

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Align the organization to achieve results.

There is an infinite amount of data available, but managing that data and turning it into actionable information can be a difficult task for any organization.


X-Ray Connect combines the data from your collective systems and enables users to instantly access relevant information. With powerful analytics to help forecast and monitor performance, giving users the ability to see insights that were not prevalent before.

Real-time access to key performance indicators, scorecards, forecasts & historical data, provides users an on-demand dynamic view of the organization as a whole. This allows users to address critical needs first to get a better return on energy.

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X-Ray’s integrations and APIs allow users to tap into almost any data source by linking all critical software tools to take analytics reporting to the next level.

Providing clarity into the most important metrics at every level of your business, from the CEO to the loan processor and everyone in between.